Essay On Effectiveness Of Advertising

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The research “Effectiveness of advertising”

One of the biggest reasons people buy so much is advertising. The advertising is

becoming more elaborate and more intricate while the business and its kinds are

developing and the target groups are becoming more various. Actually, what is

advertising? According to the dictionary, it is a company paying a publishing

platform like TV commercials, newspapers, websites, billboards, radio etc. to get

its message or brand in front of people.

This research focuses on the effectiveness of the advertising. Surely, the

advertising should be effective and persuasive because companies are paying for

people’s attention and trying to get them to buy what companies are selling. And

the publisher
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If advertising is not able to attract the

attention, there is no sense anyway.

 The understanding of the advertising by the audience. The advertiser must

encrypt a fairly simple proposal in a creative type, otherwise people just are

not able to remember it.

 Memorability of advertising. Only really memorable advertising can sell the

product. Memorability of advertising strongly related to its creativity and

(According to Marketing Agency ?QUANS! Research. 2014)

The Nike Company.

The interesting example can show us Bill Bowerman and Phill Nite the

founders of The Nike Company. The story of Nike is the standard of the

excellence of the marketing, which others should be equal to.

Furthermore, Nike was able to bypass even such giants as Adidas.

Bowerman decided to try to make shoes which are more suitable for

athletes. One early morning Bill Bowerman sat in his kitchen and looked at

wife's waffle iron. “What if to make the outsole of running shoes the same

corrugated? On the one hand, it can improve the push, and on the other

hand – it reduces the weight of shoes”. He moved waffle sole for sports

slippers and invited the athletes to try out his invention. The
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