Effectiveness Of Health Promotion

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There are various health promotions in the UK. A Health promotion is when you educate people about certain actions that could have a serious effect on their health, which then decreases the risk of people doing things that can cause them harm. This is because they would then have more knowledge and will be able to apply the advice they were given into practice. So the main purpose of health promotions, is to raise a health awareness to the public so that preventive measures are taken, to advert in different ways what type of effects that certain actions of theirs can cause, unless they adapt to healthier lifestyles. And examples of actions that majority of health promotion campaigns are trying to stop people from doing are; smoking in general or near children, doing drugs, drinking only 3 pints of alcohol if you’re going to drive, speeding, on the phone and driving and unhealthy eating.…show more content…
One way is by raising awareness and this is about providing information and education about illnesses, diseases or about things that can cause people harm such as doing drugs and an example is in a leaflet about cancer it will inform people about the symptoms of different types of cancers and possible life changes you can apply in order to avoid cancer for example getting checked regularly and eating healthier .Secondly, it is used to encourage safety as well as reduce accidents this type of information can be aimed at all ages and includes things such as , speeding, fire safety, home safety, smoking near a child and other road safety
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