Effectiveness Of Self Awareness In Nursing

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Promoting self awareness and self-efficacy for psychiatric nurses
Faten H. Alam
Psychiatric Nursing, Menoufia University, Egypt
A workday of the nurse is loaded with individuals: patients suffering from pain or nearing death, and relatives attempting to comprehend and adapt to their loved ones’ conditions. Most nurses are attracted to the profession by a wish or want to care for others, and many are more likely to think that taking time for self-examination or self- consideration is highly self-indulgent. Thus, many nurses are less pertinent than the general population to pay attention to who they are, what they value, what they resembling, what they want, what they fear, and why they do what they do. Creating and utilizing a sound feeling of mindfulness is an important initial move toward being capable to care more for yourself as well as to wind up stronger, set solid limits at home and work, keep in more advantageous practices and, eventually, become a better nurse and caregiver(Rick Gessler, , and Liz Ferron,2012).

Working with mentally ill individuals is very challenging and Nurses who work in a psychiatric setting can significantly affect the mental status of their patients (Ahmed and Elmasri,2011) Caring for those with mental illness is established on the capacity to develop constructive associations with individuals who might be altogether different from us. There might be contrasts in age, race, identity, sex, financial status, wellbeing,

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