Effects Of Abortion On Society

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1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background of the Issue This purpose of this report is to examine the effects of the legalization of abortion on society. Abortion is the deliberate act of killing or removing the embryo from the uterus with the intention of ending a pregnancy (‘Abortion’ 2015). A survey about reasons women choose abortion shows most women do not wish for a child to cause a drastic change in her life (Finer 2005). An equal number of women chose abortion due to financial difficulties. Nowadays, women have access to safe and legal abortion, but for women who wanted an abortion in the late 19th century, that was not the case. According to Reagan (1996 cited in Ravitz 2016, para. 1), women used to be allowed to have abortions at any time…show more content…
Pro-choice advocates suggest it is irresponsible for women to give birth to a child that she is unable to take care of (Shaw 2016, para. 1). Moreover, pro-abortion groups, argue that fetuses are not capable of surviving outside the mother’s womb before the 22nd week of pregnancy, thus, should not be considered a ‘person’ (Foer 1997, para. 4). The main positive impacts of abortion on the society can be seen in the decline in crime rates and how it eases the problem of overpopulation. On the contrary, pro-life advocates are against abortion. Pro-life groups claim that life begins at conception and abortion would be murdering the fetus (Alcorn n.d). Negative impacts to the society would be that sex-selective abortion causes an imbalance of sex ratio and a decrease in population may slow down the economy. As stated above, opinions regarding abortion focus on the impacts on the mother and child, often overlooking the impacts of abortion on the society in…show more content…
Firstly, it explores the benefits that legalizing abortion brings to the society and secondly, it explores the drawbacks that legalizing abortion brings to the society in general. 1.3 Scope of Research Unlike debates about abortion that often argue about the impact abortion has on immediate parties, this report focuses on the impact of abortion on the society in general. It also emphasizes on the effects caused by abortion on demand and sex-selective abortion instead of abortion in self-defense. 2.0 Procedure In the process of writing this report, a combination of primary and secondary sources was used for reference. They range from journals and scholarly articles to online dictionaries and reference books. Sources were chosen based on their direct connection to the issue of abortion. 3.0 Analysis of Findings 3.1 The benefits that legalizing abortion brings to the society The legalization of abortion has brought benefits to the society in reducing crime rates by preventing the birth of potential criminals and aiding the overpopulation issue as a form of population

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