African Americans Experienced The Boom Of The 1920's

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"All Americans experienced the boom of the 1920 's"

In the United States, a popular belief is that all Americans experienced the boom of the 1920 's. However, minority groups were left out of the country 's economic success at the time. African Americans remained a minority group even with movements such as the 'Harlem Renaissance ' and the creation of the NAACP. Similar to African Americans, immigrants old and new were often below or just above the poverty line and were still 'last hired, first fired ' with hate being directed to their entry and existence from the people as well as the government. As the rest of the America
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This lead to the popularity of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement fo Coloured People) which had just over 90,000 members by 1920 most hailing from the south, where Jim Crow 's laws of racial segregation stood and lynchings occurred frequently with the rise of the KKK. The NAACP focused most of their energy on putting a stop on Jim Crow laws and publicising the atrocities of lynching in order to place a federal ban on it. The Harlem Renaissance however, was the growing popularity of black culture, their art, poetry, music specifically jazz which had drawn people to visit popular jazz clubs downtown, bringing in revenue for the area and a path for black music into the mainstream media at the time. At the same time that African American empowerment grew, the KKK rose to power with backings from state officials and 2 million members easily outnumbering the NAACP, with the rise of the KKK lead to higher cases of lynchings placing black lives in danger. Many African Americans moved to the cities in order to avoid segregation, the KKK and new jobs, they lived in ghettos alongside immigrants, ghettos in New York were originally high end apartment blocks which weren’t filled in time, by the time of the 1920 's most white folk had moved out of these areas leaving only its current residents. During and after the war African Americans dominated the industries however, earned the lowest wages with black women earning the least, black farmers also received small plots of land for farming and as the farming industry depleted, black farmers experienced the severity of
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