African Imperialism Dbq Analysis

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The industrial revolution propelled African imperialism to a level the world had never seen before. During the late 19th century, borders in Europe became difficult to alter and the only way to expand was in other continents like Africa. Europe exposed Africa’s weakness and preyed on them, leaving the continent in disarray. The industrial revolution induced African imperialism for economic prosperity, the rise in cultural and social power, and political motives. Economic prosperity had a major impact on the advancement of African imperialism. The venture these countries took in the African markets was a gamble, but it payed out in the end. During the European great depression in the late 19th century, economists saw the imperialization of…show more content…
Many of the Europeans who emigrated enjoyed being superior because they believed they were doing the right thing (Document K). With the increase of technology and development during the industrial revolution, the Europeans believed it was their duty to “assist” the Africans. In the poem, “The White Man’s Burden,” by Rudyard Kipling he writes, “Take up the White Man's burden; Send forth the best ye breed; Go bind your sons to exile; To serve your captives' need.” (Document P). This poem is proof that racism was a major selling point of African imperialism and is another example of paternalism, the idea that what they were doing was for the best of the Africans. Paul Leroy Beaulieu wrote, “It is not natural for the civilized people of the west to gather the marvels of science, art, and civilization and not share the opportunities with the savages in need. We have a duty to spread knowledge of medicine, law, and Christian religion. Such a transformation of a barbarian country cannot be accomplished by business or economic relations alone.” (Document S). This idea of superiority empowered African imperialism. Racism was popular among these Europeans as it rapidly gained them cultural and social

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