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Agriculture and aquaculture play an important role in our lives, because people have to eat. For most of history, society’s connection to agriculture and aquaculture was intimate. In modern times, however, many land based and water based problems have occurred. Due to the seemingly abundant food that has come from new technologies, human’s essential dependence on agriculture and aquaculture is overlooked. I will introduce four major problems in the following paragraphs. One big land based problem is desertification. Desertification is a process in which a region becomes increasingly arid and dry. The region will lose all its water and can’t support vegetation or life. Desertification can lead to severe consequences. Soil becomes less usable.…show more content…
The loss of biodiversity is a notable problem. The loss of biodiversity reflected in the reduction or extinction of wild fish. Biological diversity is the resource upon which families, communities, nations and future generations depend. It is the link between every life on earth and all species have their role in the web of life. It means if there is a biodiversity crisis, our health and livelihoods are at risk too. For instance, wild fish make a critical contribution to food sources in many countries, especially those with high levels of poverty and food insecurity. The aquaculture industry leads to the pressures on global wild fish stocks that restrain the food supply for people in developing countries and removes large quantities of small fish from the ocean food chain. Farming carnivorous species, like salmon, require large inputs of wild fish for feed. Some aquaculture systems totally depend on wild fish supplies. Generally, people feed salmon with wild fishmeal and fish oil, requiring a large volume of small ocean fish. “Depending on the production region, 1.5-8 kilograms of wild fish are needed to produce one kilogram of farmed salmon.” ( As aquaculture production continues to increase and intensify, both its reliance and impact on ocean fisheries are likely to expand even further. The strength of the observed biodiversity…show more content…
Thanks to the technological development, I believe that human beings are able to overcome hess difficulties with efficient and effective measures. Together with each other, we are pursuing sustainable agriculture and

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