How To Improve Airport Security

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The September 11 attacks left America devastated. The damages on the building would not be only effect stained in the history of Americans. The attacks led to the realization that security was not sufficiently able to prepare for the nineteen terrorists who took over four airplanes. The men went through the security check, dropping their bags on the elevators with no problem and they boarded their plane. The only issue was there was no issues, today the airport security has equipped themselves with machines and methods to prevent the jaw-dropping from happening. While the methods are effective, many others believe that the security is too excessive and waste time. Yet the security has changed for the better, the security was lackluster, the…show more content…
Before the attacks, the airport officials were seen more as custodians (DeGeneste and Sullivan) rather than security officers. The airport officials had been dubbed a joke as a study, according Gerald L. Dillingham, the director of Civil Aviation Issues, who writes “turnover rates exceeded 100 percent a year at most large airports ..." (Dillingham). The turnover rate is mindblowing to think of the amount people having to be trained in one year. Poor pay and benefits were a direct correlation to the security. The constant turnover leads to untrained officials reading the security scans inaccurately. The officials were unable to properly scan subjects and their luggage as there have been many cases where bags have gone through the metal detector without a second glance. The officials were unable to recognize a fake badge, “Agents used fictitious law enforcement badges and credentials to gain access to secure areas, bypass security checkpoints at two airports, and walk unescorted to aircraft departure gates. ” (Dillingham). The unaware security staff could not identify the agents, they were able to seep through seventy percent of the time. The months after September 11, airlines struggled as no one could trust the security and safety; forcing airlines to layoff employees, which would ultimately benefit security as the trained professionals combined with the new federal…show more content…
After 9/11 the mass amount of single lines, random pat downs and removal of shoes have angered people. All together the new procedure are supposed to protect the passengers and not violate or harm them. Charles Leocha is on the board of Aviation Consumer Protections, writes about an account of a harassment by a TSA pat-down, “rammed his hand into the genitals of the [passenger], causing the [passenger] to bend over and step away in pain.” People who are against the TSA and its procedures believe instances like that account are the reasons for lines that extend outside of the security checking area. The disturbing security checks and the long lines can be raised into question, however the security and protection of the passengers is all the TSA officers cares about. The TSA writes about the pat down screening, mentioning to the pat-down procedure to the passenger so he/she would not be alarmed. “TSA officers use the back of the hands for pat-downs over sensitive areas of the body… you may request private screening accompanied by a companion of your choice. A second officer of the same gender will always be present during private screening.” The officers are trying to make the passenger feel comfortable during the awkward, but very much serious

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