Effects Of American Colonization

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Before the colonization establishment on the Western hemisphere, the indigenous people lived there for a long time utilizing the rich resources of that land. However, when explorations were guided by leaders of the old world, colonization being to take place in different part of the new world. Each of the Spinach, French and English approached colonization and formed dominant empires on what is now known as the Americas. The empires initiated different relationships with the local people based on how the empire and its people interact with them. Additionally, massive changes took place on both of the new and old world that led to convulse each of the two Americas, Europe and Africa. Since the early ages of explorations, the new world continued to collide triggering a series of world events that stand as a distinctive part of the history.…show more content…
Before the arrival of the colonization empires, the native people enjoyed full authority of the Americas and its precious resources. Nonetheless, during the colonial era, the Spinach, French and English empires took a giant step on the Americas continents resulting in varying events that last till the recent days. The interaction between the locals and the different empires help in issuing new polices and statues regarding the land and other aspect of the explorations. All in all, each empire took a different approach and resulted in various degrees of success that has considerable effects on both the new and the old
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