Effects Of American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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In "The Great Gatsby", Fitzgerald explores a number of themes such as religion, fame, relationships but perhaps the most important theme is the downfall of the American Dream. The book depicts Gatsby 's lifestyle, living what he believes to be his American Dream. The American Dream is the definition of success, where anyone can be successful as long as they are willing to work hard for their dreams. Gatsby seems to be living his dream since he grew up in a farm with limited resource, and has become rich and famous. Throughout the book, Fitzgerald gives his view on the American Dream since the 1920 's and how it had lead Gatsby to deception and artificial relationships. The first vision of the American Dream in the book occurs when Fitzgerald describes all the beautiful houses and gardens in Gatsby 's neighbourhood. It seems like there is an undercurrent ongoing competition between them. The size of the houses define the social status and the level of success, which Gatsby has achieved. He desperately tries to impress with all the luxury, the houses and the money, but all the materialistic goods aren 't enough to convince not only Daisy, his lost love, but also the rest of the upper class. When Gatsby asks Nick " My house looks well doesn 't it ? See how the whole front of it catches the light" (Fitzgerald). He wants to be reassured and reinforce his position but unlike his neighbours, Gatsby doesn 't owe his success to hard work and earning his own money but to
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