Effects Of Anxiety Essay

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Anxiety: Killing your mental and physical strength
Before you start reading you should know why this content has been written. The content has been written with an intention to provide you the best solution to manage your anxiety. Yes, I am talking about “Anxiety” you are facing every day in your life. Actually anxiety arises from your mind and also solution of anxiety is hidden in your mind.But you don’t know how to control your mind and the resulting anxiety. In your daily life your mind alters and you become anxious due to various reasons. These reasons may be personal, social, official or even it may arise due to your poor health condition. Whatever the reasons are, anxiety sufferers face a lot of troubles in their life. Sufferers maylose
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People may think they are facing fear of something without knowing that they are suffering from anxiety. So it is better to have a clear understanding about these two terms. Anxiety is a mental state that arises from anticipation whereas fear is a mental response from real threat. For example, people may think that they are going to face an accident during travelling. This anticipation brings the anxious condition of mind. Butwhen they experience a real accident, the mental response at that time is fear. Anxiety is associated with restlessness, muscular tension, tiredness and difficulties in concentrating. In several individuals overreaction can also be seen. These people are easily irritated and theyshow reaction over sudden mental changes. Most of the time a person suffering from anxiety also suffers from depression. Depression is a psychological state in which people suffer from sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness and helplessness. It has been found that half of the diagnosed anxiety population suffer from depression. Anxiety is truly uncomfortable and when someone faces it too much and it continues for a longer period then it turns into anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder requires immediate medical attention and long-term treatment. In this case that person has to take anxiolytic medications which have many side effects. So it is the best approach to control your anxiety at the time of its initiation. By knowing the underlying causes of anxiety and with appropriate meditation practices, it is possible to live an anxiety-free

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