Effects Of Anxiety In Sports

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Arousal and Anxiety Arousal can be defined as the level of excitement a sportsman would feel before a particular event while anxiety can be defined as the level of nervousness a sportsman would feel before a situation. Anxiety mainly takes place when a sportsman’s nervous system starts working at a higher rate and to explain this further, there are four types of anxiety: State Anxiety, Trait Anxiety, Somatic Anxiety and Cognitive Anxiety. State anxiety takes place from a situation that has already been occurred and it’ll change for different situations. For example, when a footballer takes a penalty kick, this type of anxiety takes place because it is a specific situation and making the wrong decision may affect the footballer in a negative way. Trait anxiety comes from within a sportsman and is linked to the personality of the sportsman. For example, if a dancer has a fear of not remembering a dance routine, it is likely that more tension will build up when he/she actually performs on stage. Somatic anxiety is basically physical signs such as having butterflies in the stomach before a swimming event while Cognitive anxiety is the mental effects. For example losing concentration in an archery game would create a higher chance that the sportsman would miss his/her chance in hitting the bull’s-eye (red dot at the middle). The scientific effects on how arousal and anxiety affects sports performance is that it may affect the brain in different ways such as an increase in the

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