Effects Of Beauty Habits In Pakistan

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The influence of west has also reached the developing country of Pakistan. Social media is accessible to almost every other person in Pakistan and the standard of beauty has become more similar to the global one rather than the country’s own beauty levels. What is most favored is fairer skin without blemishes and thick silky hair. Along with it, the body weight has to be moderate, too fat is not acceptable and a little too skinny is also frowned upon. Having a modest body shape is the ideal along with stunning eyes. These features are contradicting to what the Asians naturally possess and so the rising approval of these features has led to impacts on the nation. They have similar effects at national level compared to global platform. Rate of Plastic surgeries, especially rhinoplasty, has increased significantly since the initiation of magazines and TV shows that make the audience feel obliged to appear…show more content…
Due to the non-availability of professional surgeons and hospitals in the country, the risks increase and many patients have faced dangerous consequences such as scaring, infection and anesthesia complications. Other than this, going on extreme and unhealthy diets is also one way through which the adolescents harm their own selves. Instead of consuming nutritional food for their growth, the teens opt for diets consisting only of water or green vegetables, which is no doubt beneficial in aspects of providing vitamins but at the age of growth this isn’t sufficient and causes health problems and weakness of bones aswell. It is a typical phrase commonly said by the Pakistanis,’ you have gained weight; maybe you need to lessen the food you eat’.

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