Effects Of Being Betrayed In Julius Caesar

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Being betrayed by someone can cause very severe pain in our daily lives, it can change the person as a whole after being betrayed. The betrayer might be alright with this, but there will be suffering. There will be always consequences within these tragic events. This can also cause the betrayed to rise again and be better than before, but sometime they just fall. Just like the act in “Julius Caesar” Act 2 Scene 1 by William Shakespeare “Brutus ‘Caesar has to bleed if we’re going to stop him...let us kill him boldly’” (Shakespeare 178-179). Julius Caesar’s loyal friends was planning to kill him, even though he was their emperor and friend. They killed him because they think that he will be the cause of the fall of the Roman Empire. The betrayed can be hurt also physically by the betrayer, that can happen by being betrayed by a trusted or loyal friend. This can also happen inside the family tree, like turning down a relative by not sacrificing something to save them. …show more content…

This shows that the betrayer was finish with her and that he will be leaving her and stop being depressed about it, and move on. This shows that the betrayed can rise again and be a better person, he stop thinking about the betrayal and moved on. Relationships can be destroyed by one betrayal. This can end everything that happened to them. The betrayer won’t be as broken as the betrayed, but the betrayed can learn from this a become a better person. The betrayer might come back and start all over, but the betrayed already learned from this, so he/she should think a little better than last

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