Effects Of Bilingual Education In The Philippines

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As the bilingual educational system in the Philippines had been implemented since 1974, Filipino students can either find it easy or difficult to study with other subjects, major or minor, regardless of the language subjects Filipino and English, through the use of different language, because Filipino is our national language, and also there are different dialects being spoken by the people which depends on their location which can be positive in a certain sense that they can embrace the jeopardy of speaking and understanding different languages and the negative thing is that they can either be confused on which language the students will use for their own way of studying. And as a fact, the English language has been a very dominant one as being the medium of instruction
Most likely language can be a determinant towards the mathematical performance of some students along with the anxiety or confidence presented by the time that they were taking a certain test when students does not know what a word means or what the whole problem statement is all about and also with the teacher expectation or Pygmalion effect that usually interferes with a student’s overall academic performance, because there are instances in which a student is either good in the usage of the English language but can’t do good in problem solving skills, or the student is good in calculations but poor in terms of the usage of the English language. Yeo (2009) found that some students have slow progress in

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