The Importance Of Bullying In Schools

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Bullying is a major issue that affects many students all around the world. As it is well-known bullying reports are not always reported. This may be due to students not feeling comfortable or they may not know how to report incidents. In many cases, when incidents are reported not much is done to properly address the incident. Schools need to be more active in responding to bullying because it can negatively affect a student’s well-being. A few consequences of bullying include poor performance in school, depression, and suicide. Reports that go unresolved increases the risk of long-term effects of bullying. There are numerous bullying interventions and programs. However, many of these interventions may not be effective in preventing and addressing bullying. Hornby (2016) states many school interventions are not sufficient enough to impact bullying in schools. Therefore, an ecological perspective is needed, which looks at influences from individuals, parents, peers, schools, communities, and the society. Through the use of an organized and comprehensive ecological model, schools can effectively prevent bullying.…show more content…
Hornby (2016) mentions using Circle Time which is an evidence-based program used as a procedure from preschool to the high school level. This technique promotes positive relationships in the classroom, promotes social and emotional development, and increases students’ self-esteem and self-confidence.
There are many things schools can do to reduce and help prevent bullying. Bullying interventions to be successful, schools need to be committed to creating a safe and positive social environment in which students can learn and develop. They also need to work with students and parents to develop a comprehensive policy on bullying that clearly defines bullying, and implements this policy throughout the school and community. The policy
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