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Physics and Friction

Car accidents happen everywhere. In India, more than 20,000 people die every year by car accidents. Millions die every year over the world, due to the carelessness of the driver and also because of the car. The problem is the the increasement of the mortality rate by road accidents. But science can be applied and used to solve this problem and decrease the amount of mortality rate. Specifically, this can be reduced if we can work on the friction of the surfaces. Not only the friction of the road, but the friction of the tires towards the road. Friction is the scientific solution in order to decrease the amount of mortality rate. Friction can be looked on the pedals of the brakes, the road and also the tires. What is friction? In simple words, friction is nothing but force between two objects as they move over one another, in this case, the tire and road. The better the friction is the better the tires will react. But the friction reacts to one another, so the road and tires both need to have better friction. If not the road, then at least the tires. So the
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The friction between the tires of the car or the automobile and the road determine the acceleration and the minimum stopping distance. The coefficient of friction on dry roads is about 0.7 and about 0.4 on wet roads. Generally the tires have a tread design that can be compromised in any weather circumstances. But then again for the best results, the drivers must have different types of tires for different weather conditions. The stats show that the static coefficient of friction in the treaded tires is about 0.7 on dry roads, 0.4 on wet roads, 0.2 on snowy roads, and 0.1 on icy roads. Even though the racing cars have a static coefficient of 0.9 on dry road, it also a static coefficient of 0.1 on wet roads, so it can be really dangerous to drive a racing car on wet

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