Effects Of Carbon Pollution

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To attain a good understanding of the important aspects of atmospheric carbon pollution, it helps to separate the science from the politics, rhetoric and spin surrounding the climate change debate. Fossil emissions account for 8.5 gigatonnes of carbon per annum and the total amount of carbon in the atmosphere is in the order of 800-850 gt. The present latest reading for carbon concentration is 385-400 ppm as compared to the pre-industrial [ approx. 1800 ] level of 280 ppm, however 60% of the increase has occurred since 1960. The rise in temperature attributed to the greenhouse effect since preindustrial times is 0.8-1.2 C [ degrees centigrade ] with another 0.5 C factored to rise within the next two decades. Many scientists and governments as well as the United Nations framework convention on climate change have adopted a 2 C rise in temperature as the upper limit of safety and this equates to a concentration of 450 ppm to be achieved with an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. The main clue that the greenhouse gases were not the only, or major cause of global warming came fortuitously from David Attenborough 's 'Life in Cold Blood: The Cold Blooded Truth ' [ The world of Reptiles & Amphibians ] screened recently. As all reptiles are exothermic requiring the sun 's heat rays for energy, the iguanas shown living on an island had to dive several metres to be able to harvest the sea grasses on the sea floor, so they would lay on the rocks of mounds jutting up above the

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