Effects Of Cars In The Great Gatsby

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The 1920s was widely-known as the age of prosperity. With the economy booming, daily life was much easier and more enjoyable because of new technological advances and emerging forms of entertainment. The development of cars, both negatively and positively impacted America. The influx of automobile ownership was very demanding and became a part of everyday life. Henry Ford’s contribution to the auto industry revolutionized society and bettered the economy. Autos gave people more freedom, expanded social interaction, paved roads and traffic lights, created jobs, and etc. Even though the positive effects seem to outweigh the negative impact, it’s necessary to take into consideration the cons cars have. Car accidents, rebellious behavior, and pollutions…show more content…
To get from one place to another quicker and easefully, autos were used. This paved opportunities for people living in isolation to travel to occupied cities and attend social outings. Often, people left home to do something rebellious like attend parties or go on dates that went against traditional ideals. In the novel, Tom uses his “blue coupe” as a way to cheat on Daisy and escape the dissatisfying, boring monogamous marriage. (132). For instance, Jordan recalls a situation Tom’s been in. She states that Tom was involved in a car accident and his passenger- his mistress- ended up injured. He has everything a person could possibly want- money, a stable home, and a beautiful wife to come home to; However, it’s not enough for him because he craves power and obtaining someone beneath him, satisfies that need. Daisy and Jordan also leaves her household with her car. This is an example of modern culture clashing with traditionalism. During the 1920s, women were confined to the household but the era allowed for more flexibility. They quickly adopted to the new freedoms granted to them. Gatsby’s car, before it hit Myrtle, was symbolized as her American Dream. Her dream was to be with Tom and obtain the luxurious lifestyle and high status. She runs toward the yellow car to in hopes of escaping the clutches of her husband, George Wilson, and the economic poverty she faced but her dream is ultimately crushed when she’s struck
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