Caste System In Bandit Queen

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Parul Verma
Dr. Anju Gurawa
1000 word paper, MC-10
13 April 2015
Ill Effects of Caste System in Bandit Queen
Bandit queen is a movie by Shekhar Kapur released in 1994 after much controversy. It is based loosely on the life of Phoolan Devi- a low caste woman who turns out to be dacoit due the trauma and injustice done to her at the hands of Thakurs, or the Feudal lords of the village. The movie showcases the repugnant beliefs of society and how those beliefs effect the low-castes; especially women.
The movie starts with words flashing on screen from Manu Smriti which tend to say that illiterates, drums, animals, low-caste and women should be beaten. These words from Manu Smriti show the age old beliefs of our society and their decadence.
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in Annihilation of Caste, rightly says that we need to condemn the authority of our Shastras and Vedas, as they do not let men reason. And if men are not allowed to reason, it is not possible to bring a social reform, which is very much necessary to break away from these
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Her being a woman and from a low caste, increased her proneness to rapes. One of the most brutal scenes in this aspect is after Vikram mallah’s death. She is captivated by the powerful Thakurs of the village and is raped twice or thrice every night for almost about a week. Men come and leave and shower their bestiality upon her. This brutality does not end here. After a week, she is brought out in front of the whole village in just a tattered blanket covering her. Thakur Sri Ram forces her to go and fetch water for him from the well. As she leaves, Thakur Sri Ram deprives her even from the covering of that tattered blanket, revealing her body in front of the whole village. The sad part is that all the ‘Thakurs’ watch the honour of a girl being taken from her and instead of helping her, they enjoy the sight with much hooting and
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