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Cheating on Exams Have you ever thought what make students cheat during exams and what the consequences are? Cheating can be considered as one of the main problems that some schools or universities may suffer from. Due to the pressure that many students may face during their educational life, they cannot cope with huge amount of work; thus, they think that cheating is a best solution to save time and have good marks. According to some studies, students all over the world cheat at least once during their high school exams. Teenagers have many different and creative ways for cheating; In fact, if they use the time that they waste searching for hidden ways to cheat during their exams in studying and understanding the topics and concepts, they can do great job and get high marks. There is no denying that cheating can affect the students’ reputation, their self-respect and their confidence in the future. Therefore, to avoid these undesirable disadvantages of cheating, students need to know the causes of it, such as pressure and getting…show more content…
Student should know that every person has his/ her ability and interest, for example, some people good at problem solving issues or questions, while others prefer memorizing and direct questions. That is way student should not underestimate anyone and predict they have cheated. They should not loss the hope just because average student get higher marks than him / her. Even though some teenagers may cheat, they should not consider the idea of cheating as a very simple way to get high grades without any effort control their actions. So, instead of watching how much people get in exams and learning from them new methods of cheating, they should ask themselves what is wrong in their way of studying and how can they improve their weaknesses. That is why in order to have high marks in easy way, some students may

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