Effects Of Chickpea Sugar

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Development of chickpea snack using instant controlled pressure drop process Sibel Yağcı* and Tuba Evci * Corresponding author The Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University, Engineering Faculty, Food Engineering Department, 70100 Karaman, TURKEY Tel : +90.338.2262000 - Ext. 5010 Fax : +90.338.2262023 E-mail : syagci@kmu.edu.tr Abstract In this study, development of snack foods from chickpea using instant controlled pressure drop process (DIC) was investigated. Chickpea samples containing different moisture contents (20-40%) were processed using DIC equipment at different pressures (3-5×102 kPa) and processing times (1-10 min), and then the effects of these conditions on the physical and sensory characteristics of the snack food were determined. Properties of the chickpea snack were mostly affected by changes in processing pressure and time, to a lesser extent by moisture content. Increasing pressure and time usually improved physical and textural properties of chickpea snacks; however it caused losses of color in the product. Selected products from chickpea snacks got favorable scores from the semi-trained panelists from the point of general acceptability. DIC process was optimized for production of chickpea snack. The optimum conditions for the production of desirable chickpea snack were 40% of initial moisture content, 5 ×102 kPa pressure of processing vessel and 4 min of processing time. Key words: chickpea, snack food, hydrothermal process, expansion ratio,

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