Effects Of Child Marriage Essay

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A thief is somebody who steals the property of another person; thieves typically target items of monetary value, items that can be replaced. In the topic of child marriage the title thief does not satisfy or live up to the evil actions performed by those who are involved in child marriage. Something as serious as giving away a child to a person who is going to take advantage of them and destroy their lives should not be put to a backburner or overlooked. In countries where children are married off, families and governments need to stop this act from becoming possible because the potential of so many great young minds are being lost and those same young minds are not able to live their own lives as they please. To stop a problem, there must be an understanding of how the problem started or where the problem is coming from. As the fight for children who are being married off on a…show more content…
Children who are married off face being sexually involved with an older person whether they wish to or not, this can severely damage the development of a child both physically and mentally. Another effect of child marriage is taking away the right to education, when married children are almost always looked to drop school and this leads to a large population of uneducated minds that may never be independent due to them not knowing how to live by their own and think for themselves, child marriage is a cycle of manipulation looking to hold down young minds and making them think that they have no other option than to marry and obey their “partner”. In addition, victims of child marriage also face a high death rate due tragedies such as abuse and birth. Early motherhood is a large cause of death because the children being affected are too young, their bodies are not fully developed, and the pain of pushing a child out of their bodies is too much too bare which leads to the death of child

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