Essay On Corporal Punishment

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Everyone is aware of the dispute of spankings and the consideration of it being child abuse. But, is spanking really abuse? There is a very, very fine line between abusing a child, and disciplining a child. Temper tantrums; disobedience; simply breaking the “rules” of a household all result in a consequence. What that consequence is varies from family to family. Many individuals have different views of how to handle what is known as a “problem child”. Can in time-out be effective? When is a firm pop on the hand acceptable? It is argued that any physical discipline is child abuse. But it is also debatable that physical contact is needed in order to show authority.
Corporal Punishment is Effective
James Dobson, an award winning child welfare advocate, speaks for physical discipline of children. Corporal punishment is defined as any type of physical punishment, i.e. spanking, as a way to correct a child’s behavior. So if corporal punishment is defined so harshly, why is it seen as acceptable
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He believes that spanking should not be a major form of spanking, but used as last resort. Spanking, defined in this article, for anti-spankers has a broad definition to include how it is seen as child abuse. A tourist, David Peterson, was accused of assault in 1994 and arrested in a London. An onlooker in the London area watched as Peterson spanked his daughter, age of five. The “local do-gooder” proceeded to report what he had witness to police; thus having Peterson arrested for assault. Peterson, who is not known for being an abusive, described as “mild-mannered” in the local newspaper. It is family practice of spanking a child after giving numerous warnings and her behavior continuing. While Peterson’s cased was dismissed, the thought of what may come if spanking was really illegal ponders in many
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