Effects Of Cigarette Smoking Essay

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The Effect of Cigarette Smoking on other Aspects of Life
Smoking does not only have a negative impact on our bodies but can also affect the community as a whole. Smokers may just see themselves as quietly puffing all those chemicals but in reality, the people around them, as well as the community, can also suffer from their unhealthy habit.

1. Cigarette and Air Pollution
The particulate matter found in cigarettes are great contributors to air pollution. Tobacco smoke is a complex mixture of about 4,000 chemical by-products of tobacco combustion of which 172 are known toxic substances. Did you know that the smoke emitted by cigarettes can be 10 times greater than the exhaust of a diesel car? This is because of the refinement of fuels (lead-free fuels), it has cut the levels of
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Cigarette and the Environment
The environment impact of cigarettes to the environment is as alarming the same way as it affects the health of the people. Most causes of floods in some cities are the indiscriminate littering of different kinds of garbage which include cigarette butts. It is also a common sight in beaches and throughout all the watershed which carry water. They are also found along sidewalks, parking lots, and street gutters.

These cigarette butts are more than unsightly trash to the environment, as they can also emit toxins which can be washed out into our water system and the ocean that when animals, such as birds and sea mammals accidentally ingests these cigarette butts can be harmful to them as well.

In a Coastal Clean Up performed in 2000 in California beaches, 230,000 cigarette butts were collected. It is accounted to be one of the commonly collected items found in beaches. In the United States alone, an estimated 170,000,000 cigarette butts are collected each year.

In recent years, companies have implemented a “NO SMOKING” policy within the premise of the buildings. Therefore, it has contributed to the increasing number of cigarette butt litter in the
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