Effects Of Class Size On Academic Achievement

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Obviously, education is an important part of the people’s life, that’s why the right to get education has been accepted in the Human Rights. And everybody knows that all rights included in Human Rights are for their better lives. So, for a better life, being educated is important. Therefore, researchers are trying to find the factors for a good education system. Class size is one of the major factors that affects in improving academic achievement. Various studies show improved results from class size reduction and experts suggest many benefits of smaller classes. The beneficial impact of class size reduction is significant on academic success.
As Ehrenberg, Brewer, Gamoran, & Willms found that educators have many reasons for the positive effects of reducing classes on academic success. They say that having fewer students in a class will create less noise than more students by which the teachers get more time to work on students. Also, teachers get more time to pay individual attention on each of their students. For example, in large class-sizes, because of the time shortage, teachers always make groups of the students and give them class-works. In such case, some students in the group work not all of them and the teacher never knows who did it and who didn’t do it. But in small-sized classes, teachers work on students individually, which obligate each student to show his/her work (Ehrenberg et. al. 160).
However, some controverts disagrees the effect of class-size on
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