Effects Of Climate Change Essay

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What is climate change and what does it do?
I am going to talk about climate change and the effect it is harming on earth. So what is climate change? Climate change is a change in global or regional weather in a long period of time. I believe the climate change is the biggest problem because it has done lots terrible impacts to the earth. Now the global warming is happening. From the 1900 to 2000 the global temperature has increased about 0.54 Celsius degrees and it is causing the melting of ice in North Pole and South Pole. Then the chain reaction is beginning. The melting of ice is causing the rise of the sea levels and after that there will be a lot of floods that are climate change occurring all around the world. Then the world may be sinking under the water. All of the modern things, equipment or building will be all lost. The world can turn from the build-up of the experience that human take over millions of years exploring, finding to a zero number, the beginning. The climate change also does a lot
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It can be able to destroy all the civilization easily by causing a lot of harming effects. It can cause the changing of the temperature to make a lot of living things cannot be adapted with t new habitats. Then there will be a lot of extinctions on Earth. Now the scientists have predicted that the next animal will extinct may be Polar bear because their population is very small now and the activations of global warming also affect those populations. There are also other reasons why polar bears will be extinct like the human activities. It can make polar bears have low access to food and low rate for baby polar bear to survive by pour out of oil in ocean. According to WWF (assets.panda.org/downloads/pb_factsheet.pdf), scientists have believed that about 67% of polar bear population will completely extinct in
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