Effects Of Compulsory Military Service

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The focal point for this paper is to identify the effects that occur federally and personally with the use of Compulsory military service. These three have a variety of effects on how Compulsory Military Service effects a government and citizens financially. As well as the physical aspects of this kind of military service has on the soldiers, and the psychological effects that this has on those who serve. Although there are negative aspects to this research. This will also explain some of the positives that are possible.

The Financial, Physical, and Psychological Effects Compulsory Military Service has on a Country and Their Citizens

Many countries currently have a military that they have access to in the need to protect their selves,
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They have this view since it is very cost effective. Unlike many countries that have selective service. In countries with selective service, the government has to fund an advertising campaign to get citizens to willing join the military. Whether that is incorporating incentives, such as the military helping pay for college. However, there is more to this rather than how just the government can benefit financially. According to “Evaluating the labour-market effects of compulsory military service” by Thomas K. Bauer, Stefan Bender
Alfredo R. Paloyo, and Christoph M. Schmidt. The article claims that those that served in the military had more skills and found it to be easier to find jobs after their service was over. However, they also state that although many were considered skilled. Many were still unable to find jobs that could utilize those skills. Even though some countries take some citizens that are already highly skilled and make, them
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Another key concern most governments face with this kind of military service for those who serve physical condition. Most think when someone says physical condition that they have lost a limb or have been shot. There is more to it than that. There is a concern that most of these countries start preparing their citizens at an early age are cause many to retire because they are disabled. Since most of these countries have school programs to start preparing their citizens for military service. Like how in the article Health Problems during Compulsory Military Service Predict Disability Retirement: A Register-Based Study on Secular Trends during 40 Years of Follow-Up the authors say “Co-occurring mental and musculoskeletal problems have been reported to involve a particularly high risk of future work disability among adult working populations by (Heikki Frilander, Tea Lallukka, Eira Viikari-Juntura, Markku Heliövaara, Svetlana Solovieva, pg 11). They show how that although some may suffer from psychological issues. Soldiers often times are dealing with some kind of physical issues as well. That is why many of these soldiers are often forced to collect disability benefits due to the trenuous physical

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