Effects Of Computerization In Pharmacy

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Pharmacy in Malaysia usually located in hospitals (government-owned or private) and provides pharmaceutical care to patients. The practice of pharmacy involves the general implementation of medical orders which entails the evaluation and the interpretation of the medical orders, the administration of drugs, dispensation of prescribed drugs from qualified medical practitioners, the review of prescribed drug regimen and the correct storage of drugs (CPP, 2009). The Pharmacists has described pharmacy as having a mission which is the responsibility of ensuring the use of medication in the right way and manner, and enjoying the services of drugs to ensure the achievement of optimized results in therapeutic applications (CPP, 2009).

The working conditions of the community pharmacist have also undergone revolutionary changes as a result of computerization. As the 1990s begin, it is difficult to find many drug stores which do not have some sort of computer. The birth of modern pharmacy has brought with some positive effects in the society. Computerization has extended beyond the Pharmacy department into the remainder of the store. Stock management, sale information and virtually any other function within a drug store which lends itself to automation have been computerized. Effective stock control systematically in an organization can facilitate the management of the organization in managing stock that will benefit not only from the aspect of management but also other aspects such
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