Concussions In American Football

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Many varying kinds of head injuries can cause epileptic seizures, or other traumatic diseases, disorders and maybe even paralyzation. The most usual form of head injury is a concussion. A concussion can cause many forms of disorders of the brain that are potentially fatal. The most common way to receive a concussion is from contact sports, such as football, basketball, hockey, and even baseball. But the most prevalent sport that causes the highest amount of concussions is in football. The National Football League, or the NFL, is a league that consists of 32 teams from North America, averaging 53 people per team. In modern day society, the sport of American football is known as a violent and barbaric type of sport due to the reputation of the …show more content…

Right after receiving a concussion, the symptoms can prove to be very short term and only a temporary thing. (According to Brainline, a few symptoms can include nausea, confusion, increasing headache pains, and even one dilated pupil (“Facts About”)))). These symptoms do not seem very convincing to be dangerous to someone’s life but the long term effects of a head injury can be severe and life threatening, and life altering. For example, according to Nordqvist, he states that after football and hockey players receive a concussion, their brain waves become abnormal and strange, causing your attention skills to be deterred (Nordqvist para 7). These long term effects are extremely similar to Parkinson’s disease. Concussions are very dangerous, regardless if the effects are long term or short term, so they should be taken seriously. Football is known as a violent and barbaric sport among modern society due to all the injuries that have happened in the course of its history. Among all mainstream sports, football averages the most head injuries recorded in seasons across the nation. ((((According to Brainline, concussions in football make up 60 percent of injuries among all high school competitive sports (“Concussions and”)))). Ultimately, football is the most dangerous sport among all mainstream sports in both highschool and professional …show more content…

Many believe that the increase in the rate is due to the technology within the helmet. They believe that it is because of the helmet’s technology because according to Kevin Seifert from ESPN. Helmet to helmet contact resulted in 92 concussions out of 271 concussions in total during the 2015-2016 NFL regular season and playoffs (Seifert para 5). The helmet’s interior and exterior design should drastically be improved to help decrease the risk and result of gaining a concussion because it is impossible to avoid head-to-head contact in

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