Effects Of Consumerism In Marketing

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In the modern economic environment, companies emphasize most with the communication practices to make sure that customers get the accurate marketing message. Some of the companies may attempt to practice some unethical ways like producing low quality products, misleading advertising, unfair pricing, and deceptive packaging to take the lead in the competition challenge and influence consumers’ purchasing behavior to gather a bigger piece from the market share. The concept of consumerism takes place as a social force to protect consumer interests in the marketplace by organizing consumer pressures on business. Consumerism is the public demand both for improvement in marketing practices to make them more informative, more responsive, more honest,…show more content…
First of all, packaging sizes and the relation between packaging sizes, packaging content, and using similar strategies like adding gifts, are employed in order to lead the consumer into thinking that there is a greater quantity of the product just to deceive them. Secondly, some of the design of the packaging implies wrongful or misleading information. Third, producers imitate another’s packaging in order to imply a certain geographic provenance or quality of the product. Finally, the price may be wrongfully indicated or absent from the packaging. There is a slight degree of uncertainty among consumers about quality of products in the market, and there is obvious mistrust of the communications manufacturers use to attract buyers to those products. It is possible for the majority of consumers to consider that manufacturer’s procedures for handling complaints and settling complaints are not satisfactory. Hence, marketing scholars and practitioners have long been interested in consumers’ perceptions and their reactions to different marketing…show more content…
Advertising is the most visible and the most criticized component of marketing communications. Indeed, some questionable such as ads to children, alcohol and tobacco ads, negative political ads, and deceptive advertising practices are the main reasons for putting the advertising under fire. As a form of persuasive communication, advertising can easily be used to mislead the target audience. The Advertising Standards set out principles in relation to all digital and traditional advertisements broadcast or published through any media corporation and outlet in the UAE. Although, the Advertising Standards do not define the meaning of these terms, they may be interpreted broadly to include advertisements issued by shops, for example. Many of the standards set out in the Advertising Standards restate principles already established under various existing legislations and regulations, while others introduce new rules governing advertisements and advertising content in the region. For instance, Advertising content must be respectful of all divine religions and not offend Islamic beliefs. It must not disrespect the regime in the UAE or the symbols and political institutions thereof. Further, no content broadcast or published by a media corporation or outlet may disrespect the local and international policies of the UAE, or disrespect the cultural heritage of the UAE. Also, The Advertising Standards

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