Effects Of Contractualization In The Philippines

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Issues and Solutions about Contractualization in the Philippines
Contractualization is one of the biggest problems our country facing right now. In this kind of system of work, you do not have permanent job you can only work for a company for only five to six months. Many Filipinos are suffering from it because they do not get what they deserve. They do not have benefits, do not have proper wages, and they do not know in the next five to six months after their contract ended is if there can go back and sign another contract in the company where they are working. In the past election for the next president all of the candidates are willing to put an end to contractualization. NAPC formal labor and management and migrant workers’ sectoral council (2016) stated “Duterte said I do not care if you will get angry with me, but I am not open to compromise. Contractualization must go. It is anti-people” (par. 1). Many Filipino families and workers’ gain hope about ending the contractualization because of what President Duterte said about contractualization. Overall, there are negative effects and disadvantages that can help our government to solve the issues about ending contractualization in the Philippines.

Regardless of needing points on how to end contractualization in the Philippines, our government are still getting suggestion but with utmost matter. Lately Labor Secretary Bello is preparing to apply an order that all companies must have higher regular employees than
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