Corruption In Nauru

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Corruption is a social, political and economic phenomenon that affects almost every country around the world today. A lot of government and non-government organizations have been established and devoted in compacting corruption. According to the international World Bank corruption is the misuse of public power (by elected politician or appointed civil servant) for private gain (1997, UNDP, 1999). This essay will highlight and discuss three arguments against the corrupted practice of President Baron Waga, the justice minister and other MPs of Nauru. It will also critically evaluate the actions of the politicians using the theory of deontology and the habits and character traits of the politician with regards to the principle of virtue ethics.…show more content…
Since ‘‘Aid is an essential source of funding for Nauru’s development’’ (Anon., 2014) .Corruption and regional perceptions of corruption in Nauru has been damaging to the country’s reputation and has created obstacles to local and foreign direct investment, economic growth and will eventually mislead the development and upliftment of the people. Public money is for government services and projects. However, corruption and bad management consume into the nation’s wealth, directing money away from projects and the very people most dependent on government for support. Countless studies around the world (Mauro (1995), Tanzi and Dawoodi (1997), Ehrlich and Lui (1999)…) show how corruption can disturb investment, restrict trade, reduce economic growth and affect government expenditure. There are also studies that show the relationship between corruption in certain countries to increasing levels of poverty and income inequality. Because corruption ‘‘bring chaos’’ (Amos 5:12) and redirects money allocated to income grants, eligibility for housing or pensions and hinders service delivery, it is usually the poor who suffer…show more content…
The action of Baron Waga and Mr. Adeang depicted bad governance and is considered unethical since they did not follow the rules and regulation of the country. Therefore their action is outside of the golden mean of character trait. Some ways to reduce corruption are; strengthen the rule of law and increases transparency in government dealings or allow an independent organization to monitor political issues and make reports easily available for everyone affected by the organization. There are all kind of institutions and laws compacting corruption but the most effective strategy is when citizens are involve in campaigns against corruption at local

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