Effects Of Corruption In The Catholic Church

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According to a number critics “Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it 's set a rolling it must increase,”(Colton,20).The Catholic Church started as an undersized ball after that grew to a giant snowball increasing every second of the way. Furthermore, the Catholic Church has been incredibly corrupt during the history of Europe, such as in the power,business,teachings, and honesty.
 The Catholic church craved power than anything else. In addition the church in relation didn 't care about its people it just wanted power utmost of all.For instance the church obtained all this power by blackmailing kings and queens to bend at their will.In the same way the church used countless other techniques in obtaining power, such as taxing everything, including the crops the peasants grew.Secondly they even charged women that entered the church to become nuns.Due to this power the church was given land,towns,and villages with this a dominant position in the government is inevitable.Having a dominate position in government allows a greater responsibility of the church, thus sapping a great deal of additional power to the Catholic Church.If you believe in god’s and his teachings you were a puppet to their master scheme of lies and betrayal. The Catholic Church had an ongoing business to gain riches and along the way gaining the reputation of lies.This includes the bending of the rules to ensure winnings such as controlling people with lies. Moreover the church often brainwashed
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