Effects Of Cultural Noise

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The effects of cultural noise between American and Japanese businesses
The aim of this paper is to discuss the impact that cultural noise has within a business. Cultural noise is defined as “quote from source” Culture plays an important role in communication throughout the world. Stereotyping is also a factor within cultural communication that effects workplace participation. The paper will also discuss how non- verbal communication has a major impact on communications within a business. It will also discuss the barriers that businesses face on a daily basis due to a more diverse workforce including the problems that arise from unbalanced gender roles in the workplace. The cultural noise within a business can often lead to conflict arising amongst employers and their employees. Due to employees having different racial backgrounds in the workplace they may also have different beliefs to that of the business. Not only does a business have to deal with cultural noise internally, they also have to research the culture externally. This is especially the case when a business is expanding into globalisation and it is faced with a new culture. Businesses have to be aware of the culture in order for a business to succeed. If they do not take the culture of the surrounding area into consideration it may result in people being offended, ultimately leading to the failure of the business in that location. For the purpose of this assignment I will focus mainly on the cultural differences
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