Effects Of Cyberbullying On Teenagers

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Cyberbullying and its Effects on Teenagers Many people are faced with cyberbullying. To some people it is no big deal, but to others it may cost them their life. People of all ages get cyber bullied. From moms in their mid-forties, to 12-year-old boys. From celebrities, to the everyday person, everyone gets cyberbullied. People are bullied for many reasons, there are many stories in the news, and the results to cyberbullying vary. Cyberbullying is a term that refers to the use of the internet, smartphones, computers or any other electronic device to hurt someone. Cyberbullying is when the victim is a minor, and cyber harassment is when the victim is an adult. This could be through spreading embarrassing pictures or videos, sending threats,…show more content…
There are also many solutions to help minimize cyberbullying. Some effects of cyberbullying on victims is a mix of emotions distress such as anxiety, depression, a feeling of uneasiness, anger, embarrassment and fear. It gets to the point that some people can not handle these emotions, and turn to suicide or violence as the only way out. According to “Prosecuting Cyberbullies: Should states and the federal government pass further antibullying legislation to target cyberbullying?”, “Studies have shown that perpetrators of school violence—such as the two students who went on a shooting rampage at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999—often have a history of both bullying and being bullied themselves” (Cyberbullying). Just like victims, perpetrators also face consequences. Most times, cyberbullies are arrested, and charged with invasion of privacy, violation of the COmputer Fraud and Abuse Act, hate crimes, and sometimes even manslaughter. With all of the cyberbullying in society today, there are a few ways to help prevent from being bullied. Social media sites have begun to implement new ways to help limit online harassment. For example, Twitter made it available to users to make it “easier to mute notifications from unknown accounts and trolls” and Instagram released that “it would let users filer any inappropriate or abusive comments” (Prosecuting Cyberbullies: Should states and the federal government pass further
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