Effects Of Death Penalty In The Philippines

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General Topic: Laws and Punishments
Narrowed Topic: Death Penalty in the Philippines
1. Economic perspective
From an economic perspective, the benefits and costs of the implementation of the death penalty must be evaluated. This includes the analysis of the expenses involved in the trial, execution, housing of inmates and determine its effects on the country’s economy in the long run.
2. Socio-Political perspective
The socio-political perspective enables to examine the death penalty in terms of the implications of a person’s social status on receiving the death penalty, public opinions, policies or laws, and the country’s justice and political systems.
3. Ethical perspective
The ethical perspective focuses on the morality of the death penalty, human rights, and the retributive aspect of the punishment.
Tentative Stand:
In spite of the Philippines’ immediate need to end the alarming rate of heinous crimes, the Death Penalty is an unjust and inhumane form of punishment that does not deter crimes, violates human rights, and will fail to benefit the country in the long run.
Focusing Question: Should Death Penalty be re-imposed in the Philippines?
Subordinate Questions:
1. What are the effects of the death penalty on the increasing rate of heinous crimes?
2. How can the revival of the death penalty be beneficial to the Philippines?
3. How can a person’s social status affect his or her case of receiving the death penalty?
4. Why
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