Effects Of Death Penalty In The Philippines

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Reimplementation of Death Penalty in the Philippines

On February 4 in Pangasinan, President Aquino viewed the mutilated bodies of two little girls who were raped before murdered. According to the presidential aide, a visibly moved president asked Rex Nobleza, the children’s father if what can the government do for him. The poor man’s response was what if the government re impose the death penalty. (E. Pacheco 1)
In our society today where criminals are not afraid to go to jail, because they know that the capital punishment was abolished. Criminals that do heinous crimes, because they know after few years in jail they will commit freedom once again. Criminals that are selfish, they do not know the negative side effects of the sins that they have done to the families of the victims. The government must seek for a solution to the widespread crimes in the Philippines before it’s too late. Death penalty is the punishment for the criminals who commit heinous crime. There are many types of death penalty: those are chair electrocution and lethal injection or what you call the mercy killing. The famous in the Philippines was chair electrocution, back when the former president Ferdinand Marcos was the president of the Philippines. The Philippines economic state was remarkable under his constitution. We were competing to other countries in Asia that time. In fact Philippines was second to Japan and one peso was almost equivalent to one dollar.
Therefore, if death

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