Deforestation In Borneo Essay

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Borneo, located in Southeast Asia, is a vast island divided amongst Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. It is the third largest island in the world, with a population of approximately 16 million. Borneo is home to the oldest tropical rainforests in the world, which are approximately 130 million years old. These extravagant rainforests have up until recently entirely covered the island. Amidst the world’s most biologically varied ecosystems, the tropical rainforests in Borneo are home to many animal and plant species, including gibbons, Orang-utans, sun bears, and more. The rainforests are also home to many endangered animals. The forests in Borneo are greatly endangered, which can have many negative effects on animals and humans alike. One reason…show more content…
The reason people clear the forests is because they lack access to more sustainable jobs, such as farming. Finding alternate professions for the people who clear the tropical rainforests in Borneo would be very helpful, because the people who live off of illegal forest clearing, only do this because they do not have nay another choice. The solution will not solve everything, however, because illegal logging is not the only problem in the rainforest. This way of helping will not completely stop deforestation, but it will certainly slow it down, which can already make it easier to put a stop to illegal logging and deforestation. An example of a company using this method is Health in Harmony, who has recently started an initiative called ‘The buyback entrepreneurship program’ this program focuses on couples wanting to begin their own business. Health in Harmony then buys their chainsaws, and establish business plans for husband and wife. They also provide funds to start up their business. So far, Health in Harmony has already helped numerous loggers become farmers, traders, etc. Jackson Helms, Conservation director at Health in Harmony says “All these programs operate on the idea that slowing deforestation is sometimes as easy as giving people a

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