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What is deforestation? Will deforestation aggravate the damages of the environment? Does deforestation really bring benefits to human beings? According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (2017), deforestation can be defined as, “the act of cutting down or burning the trees in an area.” In order to enhance economic growth, deforestation has been carried out aggressively in Malaysia for the plantations of rubber and palm oil (Blakkarly, 2015). The research made by University of Maryland has stated, “Malaysia has one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world” (Blakkarly, 2015). However, the rate of deforestation is faster than the rate of forest reconstruction. Hence, deforestation has brought three major effects to Malaysia which are severe flooding, global warming and extinction of flora and fauna.
First and foremost, deforestation plays a paramount role in the severe flooding occurred in Malaysia. Forestry area is often described
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Flora and fauna are facing endangered because people today keep destroying their living environment. They cannot survive without the forest’s protection. Tang (2017) acknowledged, “Flora and fauna are only protected if they grow within a national park or reserve”. Therefore, the number of specified flora and fauna is gradually decreased. To protect fauna from being killed, the specified fauna is protected by the WWF-Malaysia. According to WWF-Malaysia (n.d.), its conservation work focuses on species, forests, freshwater, marine, environmental education and policy. Many experts have predicted that there will be an extinction of orangutans in less than 25 years (“Orangutans Face Possible Extinction”, n.d.). Besides that, as a result of the habitat destruction, the rafflesia flowers are endangered because their natural habitat is reduced (“Rafflesia Threats”, n.d.). In short, if people keep doing deforestation, it will affect the ecology system in

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