Effects Of Destruction Of Wildlife

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The sharp rise in human population and consumption rate has brought about wildlife eradication. Multitudinous species have died since time began, out of which many became extinct. Sadly, the rate of extinction continued to accelerate over the past few years. The alteration and destruction of habitats along with numerous human activities, happens to be one of the principle threats to wildlife. Although some species have adapted to habitat changes, many other species are yet unable to adjust to the new conditions, which happens to be a major issue wildlife is facing in today’s world. The effects such actions have on flora and fauna species cannot be overlooked, some of which will be discussed in this essay.
Firstly, the massive destruction of wildlife, or to be more specific, the destruction of natural habitats is due to a number of reasons some of which are deforestation, pollution, and natural calamities. Deforestation has innumerable destructive outcomes on the environment; therefore, a great population of plants and animals residing in the forests fail to survive as a consequence of habitat loss. Increasing demands for land for urban, agricultural, and industrial use in turn promotes deforestation. Next, pollution contributes to wildlife destruction greatly. Environmental pollution can take several forms some of which are air, water, and soil pollution. For example, human sewage and industrial waste which run-off into rivers and oceans can have significant health and

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