How Do Strains Affect Behavior?

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The main purpose of this study is to determine whether strains could predict negative emotions and to determine whether strain and negative emotionality could predict deviance. In doing this, we used multiple linear regressions to measure deviance of social science students in a public university in Negros Oriental, Philippines. Furthermore, this regression together with socio-demographic variables and predictor variables was used in order to prove that the strains experienced by an individual make him become deviant. This study is very important as a basis for policy making, and the findings can be used to understand the current situation in the society.
Descriptive result shows that some of the college students, of about 10%
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These findings greatly support to Maxwell's article in familial strain on 2001. It states that those who witness any form of violence either from their family or in school influence their behavior by adapting or imitating of what they have seen. Abusive punishment by parents can significantly affect to the behavior of a person especially on the part of adolescence. (Cheung, Ngai, and Ngai, 2007) Family strain in a parent-child relationship has a very high impact to adolescent delinquency. Thus, family strains strongly affect their violent and delinquent behaviors. This study tends to suggest that policy makers may give importance to prevent delinquency in the society. We firmly believe that our findings are a great help as our guide in understanding deviance and delinquency of adolescence. Suggesting that, they may establish programs to help parents and adolescents control strains and improve their lives. These programs may include seminars for parental discipline and guidance, youth advocates and counseling, and more free tertiary education sponsored by…show more content…
They suggest in altering strains, to make them less conducive to committing crime and or possibly remove individuals from strains. "It is also possible to reduce exposure to strains by working with individuals. Equipping them with the skills and resources or teaching them on interpreting the social environment, in ways that minimize violence. Finally, we can control crime by reducing their exposure to situations conducive to crime." However, our research is subject to some limitations, we only surveyed college students specifically on social sciences department. Thus, we have only limited data to analyze. We suggest that the future researchers will conduct a survey in the entire society, whether in every Barangay of a particular city or from elementary, high school and college students which represent the community as a whole. We also recommend conducting research to those who are identified to commit deviance and delinquency, such as convicted individuals from different penal institutions in the

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