Effects Of Discrimination And Discrimination In Society

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Prejudice and discrimination have long been existed in every part of the world. This behavior is caused by the irrational perception of one group towards another target group member in a society. This research paper will analyze the two targeted group members in a society who have been receiving racial injustice treatment since many century ago, which are African American and Chinese Indonesian. Both African American and Chinese Indonesian have been mistreated for many generation which has caused psychological disorder, creates barrier and forms gap between society 's members. Both American and Indonesian government have to realize the negative impact this discrimination will be towards the National 's political, economic, social and security stability in their country . Racial inequality result in the discriminatory treatment of people of the minority group. Negative stereotype about specific race have cause discrimination with a devastating impact towards the targeted group. As it is described in the article “Racism, Prejudice and Discrimination" by National Association of School Psychology “Students and families who endure racism experience negative mental health, academic, and social outcomes” (p 2). It is clear that the impact of discrimination could affect self-esteem and personal character development, greater social stress and more anxiety in social settings. Music is essential to the African American experience in the United States. Due to their depression

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