Racial Discrimination In Malaysia Essay

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Focus of Research

Malaysia is located in South-East Asia. The country shares borders with four other countries namely Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. Malaysia is a unique country that consists of a large range in variety of races. The main structure of Malaysia is composed of three different races. A multicultural country like Malaysia has a majority population of Muslims also known as “bumiputera” (“Son of soil”). There are also many other smaller ethnic groups like Iban, Bidayuhs, Kadazans, Sea Dayaks, Land Dayaks, Kadayans, Orang Asli (the Malay term for indigenious people in Malaysia) which consists and many more that are indigenous to Sarawak. (IWGIA, 2015)

According to statistics, there are about 31.7 million people now in Malaysia. The populace for Ethnic Bumiputera holds the highest percentage with 68.9%, then Chinese, Indian and others with 23.4%, 7.0% and 1.0%
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The surface of our society today might be still and quiet but brawls and arguments still erupt from unfair treatment and racial discrimination would be one of the major reasons. Many people are still fighting for their rights, their lives to just have equal treatment.

The focus of this research is to ascertain whether there is racial discrimination towards minorities in Malaysia.

1.2 Definition of Discrimination
Discrimination is unfair or detrimental treatment towards different categories of people or things, mainly on the account of age, sex or race. Discrimination has been an ongoing matter that has destroyed and injected fear to the minorities around the globe. Research has shown that many people are still being discriminated due to their skin colour, gender, behaviour and many other reasons.

2.0 Evidence of discrimination

2.1 The enforce of Law stated in the Federal Constitution of

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