Solutions To Divorce Problems

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Every person in this world has the feeling of wanting to love and be loved. Therefore, marriage is discouraged in our life. I’m really sure that everyone has a beautiful dream wedding. However, there are couples who decide to divorce after a few years of marriage. According to the Department of Islamic Advancement (JAKIM), the average Muslim couples divorced in our country showed a record of one pair every 15 minutes and every day, 56 divorced occured. In Islam, divorce is a halal thing but is not favored by Allah. So this means we need to avoid divorce. Divorce is not a best way to settle marriage problem because it has many problems that may occur after divorce.
One of the main problems from divorce is the impact on children. Children will always be under pressure, especially when they see their parents always fight in front of their own eyes. Divorce also causes children to lose the love of their parents. They will look for an outsider to share the love. If mistakenly choosing friends, they would get stuck with social problems. There is a study conducted over 30 years to see the negative effects of divorce on children. Among the results obtained are the academic achievement of children from divorced homes will reduce due
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Children tends to involve in social problems because they are stress with their family and find wrong friends to share love. Individual who getting divorces will also having psychological problems which can destroy their life. They also lack of their financial because they must support everything on their own without sharing financial from their partner anymore. The best solution when get involved in marriage problem is both of you must be open-minded partner. Discuss is a best way to solve it. Try to understand your partner and forgive the

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