Effects Of Divorce On Children

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The Effects of Divorce on Kids Divorce is typically a word of taboo; however, there can be positive outcomes for kids depending on how the parents interact and respond to the divorce. The effect of divorce on children, adolescents, and males or females is a response to a situation that they, themselves, have no control over. “The divorce itself does not affect children in a negative way. The effects result more often from the feeling of uncertainty of what is going to happen after the divorce” (Bloem). Although divorce has become such a regular aspect of today 's relationships the effects can alter a child 's life unexpectedly and produce uncertainty. Divorce affects all the members of the family in varying and drastic ways, but children are generally the most affected by this life change. When a child is born into a divorce (like I was) there are not a lot of effects that are noticeable on the surface since the child has not experienced any other lifestyle. Studies do show, however, that young children who experience the actual divorce respond with regressive behavior. Even though it may not be as noticeable at this age, the divorce can leave a child with a fear of not being loved and results in behaviors of “acting out” to gain the attention of their parent’s. Young children also become increasingly dependant on their parents (Pickhardt). When you are a child, two of your best friends are actually your parents. You are inseparable as they ogle and obsess over every

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