Effects Of Drugs In Beowulf

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What is a monster? Is it a Child abuser, cancer, or maybe even drugs? Monsters can be anything from something Internal to people or beings for example monsters like Grendel and the dragon from the great epic poem Beowulf. One of the biggest modern day monster to a lot of people whether they are involved or not is drugs. Like Grendel from from Beowulf drugs can physically hurt people, but they also can cause an internal conflict, conflict like the fear and lament; that Grendel caused the kingdom of Herot. But like the poem Beowulf we have heroes in our societies that fight it everyday. Drugs they appear everywhere, from schools to city streets, and their path of destruction is a devastating one. A part of this path is the families that are constantly being broken up and ruined. From anything like Legal consequences to the drug user putting their addiction before their family. This relates to how Grandel ruined families by killing loved ones. Another angle of devastation is the physical and mental effects it can have on a person who abuses drugs. It can affect your overall health, certain brain functions and sometimes even cause death. This shows even more closely how similar it is to the horrifying monster Grendel, “Killing as often as he could, coming alone, bloodthirsty and horrible.” (pg.26, line 80-81); both monsters have the same goal. People can also become easily addicted like Grendel was addicted to killing. This puts not only themselves but the people around them in…show more content…
People that we should consider heroes, heroes like the brave Beowulf who protected the Danes against Grendel and then later in his life fought the ferocious dragon to protect the kingdom of the Geats. Some of the more recognized heroes may include the Brave Law Enforcement who like Beowulf's soldiers stand behind their leaders to help fight this nasty beast. Along with the Law Enforcement the World Federation Against Drugs fights against drug use everyday, the way Beowulf protected his kingdom everyday for the 50 winters he was king. Another of the very brave heroes the Certified Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselor, fights this monster on a day to day basis. Fighting it everyday like Beowulf fought for his people. All of these Organizations are heroes for fighting against drugs but there are a lot of other heroes. Heroes that don’t get as much recognition as they should. Those heroes are the everyday people that whether they are involved or not put in their best effort and put in everything they can. Like “All of Beowulf’s band had jumped from their beds, ancestral swords raised and ready, determined to protect their prince if they could.” All of these people, like the soldiers from Beowulf, fight together determined to put an end to this
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