Effects Of Drunk Driving In South Africa

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South africa has one of the worst death rates due to drunk driving. More that 65% of all deaths in South Africa involve alcohol and a large proportion of that is caused by drunk driving. In addition to this 50% of all accidents that occur on the roads of South Africa involve a member who has a blood alcohol level above the legal limit of 0.5g per 100ml. The death rate due to driving drunk is 43 people for every 100000. More than 18000 people are killed due to drunk driving, even if they are not the ones who are drinking they are still threatened by this high number of drunk drivers as it puts all pedestrians in jeopardy. The amount of people who are injured or even paralysed due to drunk drivers or drinking and driving is even more damaging as it comes in at 150 000.
Driving Intoxicated can have major effects of your vision, reaction time, decision making abilities, motor skills and dull hearing. All these aspects i have selected effect the driving capability of an individual as it increases the likelihood of an accident occurring.Alcohol impairs your vision and peripheral vision by delaying the time taken from your eye conveying what it has seen to the brain so that it can be processed and it impairs your DOF or depth of field. This can lead to delayed driving actions that could save lives if one was sober as well as causing driving accidents as your DOF is impaired and drunk drivers might think they are far behind a car but aren 't. Driving intoxicated also has many more
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