Energy Drinks Research Paper

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Energy drinks have been rapidly increasing worldwide especially around university campuses. They seemed like a good idea at first, however, they come with a ton of side effects. Energy drinks are considered thoroughly popular among young age groups who mostly drink in order to help them study over a longer period of time. Energy drinks around university campuses diminish cognitive abilities and self-regulations. Universities have been targeting energy drinks as a source of caffeine for students which cause sleeping disorders. Monster, Red bull, Bombom, ECT; these few brands contain caffeine that amounts to about one to three cups of coffee or soda. Energy drinks may keep people awake for some time as intended, but after…show more content…
If someone cannot function in the morning without their daily dosage of caffeine, or someone is developing a headache then in reality they have developed an addiction. As many people know, caffeine drinkers can develop dependence and withdrawal. Many begin to experience withdrawal symptoms in a form of a headache. Even though students do not have a major caffeine addiction hanging over their head, they will still experience withdrawal symptoms. Students will start to experience withdrawal symptoms after twelve to twenty four hours. Some of these symptoms include weakness, nausea, and irritability. These are just some of the symptoms, there are many more to come. It usually takes around a week for these withdrawal symptoms to wear off. So because people who repeatedly gulp down caffeine develop tolerance to its intended effects so they can no longer gain from the caffeine’s capability to enhance performance and potential. Energy drinks can cause many negative consequences that can impact student’s life greatly. The amount of sugar found in energy drinks can contribute to a tremendous amount of weight gain and can cause type II diabetes. At some times, it can sometimes be used as a drug to produce a worse stimulant. It can also generate an emotional and physical dependence towards caffeine which can impose a person’s level of operating
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