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Nowadays, the problem of environmental pollution has become increasingly serious in Vietnam .We could easily encounter the pictures, information about environmental pollution on vehicles traditional. This caused me to think ... The issue of human habitats on Earth have been contaminated as a matter of urgency for any other country. Because it causes the phenomenon of climate change leads to terrible disasters. In Vietnam, the environmental pollution is still alarming. This is a bad phenomenon, much harm, should quickly overcome.
First, we need to understand what environment is. Human living environment is a broad concept. It includes all the elements of natural and man-made material surrounds the human, that affect life, production, survival and development of human beings and all living things on earth. Environment has two main categories: the natural environment and social environment. The natural environment includes natural ingredients such as topography, geology, soils, climate, water, creatures, ... The social environment is overall the relationship between man and man, relationship individuals with the community represented by the law, institutions, committed, regulations, ... Current situation of
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There are many examples of environmental pollution in recent years. According to estimates of the Hydrometeorological, every year on the East Coast up to 9 to 10 hurricanes and 3 to 4 activities storms directly affect Vietnam, the phenomenon of desertification in the central coast are place more quickly have a large effect on the lives and production of residents. The most serious is that the area of the Mekong Delta in our country will be able submerged below sea level in the near future, a region of fertile deltas, a bowl of water lualon we can take go if now we do not take timely measures to correct. And also how the immeasurable impact that climate change poses to the people of

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